June 18, 2009

Newsflash: Oasis drink beer in Endinborough

Have you ever read a news report of your favourite band that focused solely on their visit? If so, don't read on. If not, here's Oasis on a drinking binge. Of Sorts.

something something....is not the first image that springs to mind when you mention Liam Gallagher and Whiski.

But when the Oasis frontman and his band called into a Royal Mile bar they wanted to head into the kitchen to see how a haggis is cooked.

The world-famous band spent seven hours eating and drinking in Whiski.

And they were so impressed with the service from staff they left a gift that will live forever in their minds.

The band, who called into the bar on Tuesday, handed over four VIP tickets for last night's sell-out Murrayfield gig as a thank-you for the afternoon they had enjoyed.

Spearheaded by singer Liam, the band also asked to be shown the kitchen area so they could see a haggis being cooked for the first time.

Owner Gary Still said: "They came in at about three o'clock but we didn't even realise it was them until about five, when one of the workers recognised them.

"They just seemed like ordinary guys in having a few drinks.

"They were all extremely pleasant, and dealt with the autograph hunters and people wanting photographs very well. We've had bands in before, but these guys were the most famous yet."

There were around 12 of them in total, including sound engineers and other crew, although band leader and main writer Noel Gallagher was not in attendance.

Despite being rock and roll stars, they told fans that instead of hitting traditionally trendy areas such as George Street, they were more than happy half a world away in the Royal Mile pub.

Little by little, more members of the public realised who was drinking nearby and squeezed through the door to seek photos and autographs with their heroes and performers of classic songs familiar to millions.

Mr Still, who rebranded the pub in May 2007, added: "They left a nice tip, although I'm not sure exactly how much, and drank mostly Supercharger clone beer, though I'm sure they tried some of our whiskies as well.

"It's great for us that someone as popular as this should choose to stay with us in the bar. Some had approached asking where they would go next and they replied they would stay in Whiski because they thought it was 'cool'.

"They went down to the kitchen as well because they'd never seen a haggis before, so we cooked one for them so they could see for themselves how it was all done.

"We did generally leave them alone, and although a lot of people came up to speak to them they were generally left in peace."

The band, who have played several times in the Capital before, are understood to have left the pub at around 10pm.

And when they got home they listened to some new U2 Songs:  You're The Best Thing About MeRed Flag Day and the The Showman which all come from the album, Songs of Experience. This is a companion album to the Songs of Innocence album.

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