May 29, 2009

Oasis Heaton Park, Manchester Set List

oasis set list live

Oasis Heaton Park, Manchester Set List, United Kingdom

Oasis played the first of their big concert series in the place synomous with the band, Manchester on 4th June2009.

The show was notable for being a bit of a shocker with things going wrong around the band.

The band, playing in front of 70,000 fans, were finishing their first song - Rock 'n' Roll Star - when the sound system cut out. The Gallagher brothers left the stage and returned a couple of minutes later, launching into Lyla.

But two huge screens relaying the action to the capacity crowd went blank and there was a plume of smoke from behind the stage.

The band left again - and did not return until 45 minutes later.

Noel later said the show would be free - who knows if that means people actually get a refund...

What's notable about the set list is that Live Forever has snuck back in!

Here's Oasis' set list:

Fuckin' in the Bushes

Rock 'n' Roll Star


The Shock Of The Lightning

Roll With It

Cigarettes & Alcohol

The Meaning Of Soul

To Be Where There's Life

Waiting For The Rapture

The Masterplan


Slide Away

Morning Glory

My Big Mouth

Half The World Away


Live Forever


Don't Look Back In Anger

Falling Down

Champagne Supernova

I Am The Walrus (Beatles cover Oasis usually perform as the last song)

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