January 12, 2009

Oasis could cover Sowing the Seeds of Love?

Oasis are well known amongst the fan base for playing the Beatle's song I am the Walrus at the end of their shows. They've recorded a few covers as well, most notably for this fan, My Generation by The Who. Noel and co generally only cover classic rock songs they grew up with - nothing really contemporary.

What if they did something that was not rooted in the 60s or 70s like oh the eighties and a song called Sowing the Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears? Don't laugh! I can totally imagine Oasis doing a trippy cover version with Liam growling his way through the song. 

Seeds of Love is kind of Beatlesish - it's got lots of horns and trumpets which Oasis love - see All Around the World from Be Here Now and its reprise. I'm sure if Oasis tried they could make Sowing the Seeds mega epic like Champagne Supernova or Who Feels Love?

Whadday reckon? Mad fer it?

Here's the video of Sowing the Seeds of Love for reference on You Tube:

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