September 17, 2008

Noel Gallagher reflects on Be Here Now

Mr Oasis reflects once more on the Great Rock and Roll Swindle.

Here's an article that Stop Crying Your Heart Out found.

Noel Gallagher regrets jetting off to write much-criticised Oasis album Be Here Now with celebrity pals Johnny Depp, Sir Mick Jagger and Kate Moss - because he came back with a dud.

The rocker decided to write and record the demo for the album on the Caribbean island of Mustique, while hanging out with his superstar pals - but he admits it was a big mistake.

He tells the new issue of America's Spin magazine, "I was doing it for the wrong reasons. And that’s how you get a situation where at the beginning of (Be Here Now single) D’You Know What I Mean? there’s no music for the first minute. It’s the sound of an airplane landing.

"Of course, we thought it was the most amazing thing we’d ever recorded. We took the tapes back to Sony in London, and you’ve got all the suits sitting round the boardroom stereo thinking, 'These fucking jokers are riding on the biggest expectations of any band this decade, and they have recorded a plane landing.'"

Oasis star Noel Gallagher has revealed the band's first three albums were all written while he under the influence of hard drugs.

The rocker admits he penned classics like Wonderwall, Supersonic and Live Forever after snorting cocaine.

He tells the upcoming issue of Spin magazine, "Before 1997, I hadn’t written a song without the aid of the old Colombian marching gear (cocaine). Don’t forget, I was on drugs before I was even in a band. The whole of the first three albums were written on drugs.

"I remember being off my nut and going into the back room and setting the goal of writing a song in 10 minutes - that was Supersonic.
"All those albums and all the B-sides were written on drugs. That’s why they’re so good. And that p**ses me off.

"I think, 'Maybe I should get back into taking drugs, and then it would be brilliant again.' But that thought lasts less than a second.”

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