September 8, 2008

Noel Gallagher attacked live on stage in Toronto

Oasis singer and guitarist Noel Gallagher was assaulted on stage in Canada during a concert on Sunday night at the V Festival in Toronto

This Youtube video shows a crazed moron man running at Noel hard from the back of the stage and knocking him from behind into the crowd. Oasis was playing its hit song Morning Glory at the time so maybe the dude was chained to the mirror and the razor blade?

Gallagher fell heavily onto speakers. The unidentified attacker fell into a microphone stand as security staff rushed to grab him. At least he didn’t do a Damage Plan or Mark Chapman.
Liam Gallagher ran at the man and threw a punch, which failed to connect, before all three left the stage. Nice to see brothers looking out for one another, Liam’s reaction (and that of security) was pretty swift.

The band released a statement on that Gallagher returned a few minutes later and Oasis completed its set.

Noel was taken to hospital after the gig where he was examined for a suspected rib fracture and ligament damage. The band’s statement did not note the results of the examination. Bless.

Here’s another angle of the Noel attack:

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