December 6, 2008

What is John Lennon saying in Oasis' I'm Outta Time?

What is John Lennon saying in Oasis' I'm Outta Time?

Most people have recognised that The Beatles are Oasis's biggest fans, stealing piano riffs and choruses like they were theirs by right. Liam Gallagher even named his son Lennon after Beatle John. 

i'm outta time oasis single cover

Liam has also penned the Oasis song I'm Outta Time  for the Dig Out Your Soul album with John Lennon in mind. As a tribute, an interview with the man is played in the background. According to Q Magazine's October 2008 edition Lennon is saying:

"As Churchill said, It's every Englishman's inalienable right to live where the hell he likes. What's [England] going to do, vanish? It's not going to be there when I get back?"

Liam tells the story that that Lennon was bitching about the media fuss he was causing when he decided he wanted to live in America and had applied for a Green card.

The piano played before the chorus is the same as that used in "Day in the Life" by The Beatles. The piano emulates Lennon's popular song "Jealous Guy" with the three octave jumps in C major. This was a deliberate change as the track was written by Gallagher as a specific tribute to Lennon.

I'm Outta Time Youtube Video

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