October 7, 2008

Items, Icons and Images on the Oasis Dig Out Your Soul Album Cover

Items, Icons and Images on the Oasis Dig Out Your Soul Album Cover

The new Oasis Dig Out Your Soul album cover is a bit of a curiosity. Designed by Julian House, it's a collage of various items which when put together give a startling effect... of saying nothing... just like Oasis songs really.... or does it?
In this Youtube video Noel Gallagher suggests there is a kind of 'religious armageddon theory' 'going on.... can you dig it?

dig out your soul cover album oasis band

Here's my observations and deciphering of what the cover is:

Top Left Corner: New Oasis logo, a single orange Butterfly (Monarch?), Clouds & Blue Sky, Dirt Hill with a grave yard of crosses and headstones beneath it.

Centre: Dig Out Your Soul Title. A drum with a hand beating it with a large drum stick with a red knob. A mushroom cloud is erupting from the drum. A pair of large hands surround the drum.

Top Right Corner: Something unidentifiable just above the butterfly. A crashing Wave. Hidden in the shadows of the wave appears to be the face of a monkey
Bottom Left Corner: Below the phonograph are is a pair of dummies and below them is an astronaut with an open visor showing the face of a man. Attached to his chest is something orange ? with an open hand protruding. To his right is a newspaper with the headline "Come In, Come Out!" (chorus line from Shock of the Lightning). To the right of the newspaper is a line of 7 or 8 men dressed in some kind of white robes. In the gaps is the grass from the graveyard. above the paper is a soldier pointing at the hand. He has a gun on his shoulder. In between the hand and the phonograph appears to be an obscured light bulb on a stick.

Bottom Right Corner: To the right of the white robed men is an apple with a few bites taken out. To its right is a line of 4 people in black robes. One of them appears to have a cane. Below them is more people in white robes, this time with books in their hands. Under the apple is red piece of material which could be a shawl or a statue of some kind as there is an arm holding some kind of ornamental sword. It has a price tag of 125 pound.

Above the black robes appears to a shoulder with an arm half stretched out. The face is missing. To the right of this is a picture of what could be Mary (the supposed virgin mother of Jesus Christ). She has a price tag of 99 pound and is probably part of the red statue. To her right is a Calvary of red soldiers raising a dust storm. Above this a blue rimmed clock, similar to the one used in Be Here Now.

Beneath the lead horse of the Calvary is a pile of books, a mushroom and an eyeball. The rest if the corner is filled with a grass landscape darker than the cemetery side.
The inside of the Dig Out Your Soul CD leaflet has three one page collages and a two page collage of various images including guns, planets, more phonographs, random people, soldiers, amplifiers, flames and butterflies.

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