November 20, 2010

So we knew it would happen sooner or later and the fact we're all gagging for it makes it even more special to hear indirect confirmation that Noel Gallagher is indeed recording a solo album. I guess this also indirect confirms Noel is not going to form a new band. No surprises there eh?

Miles Cane from The Last Shadow Puppets confirmed he'd played a guitar track for Noel's album in an interview with the Independent:

Question - Reading the roll-call of guests on your record felt like leafing through the Christmas issue of Q magazine. There's Noel Gallagher, Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys, the singer from The Courteneers. You must have one hell of a Rolodex.

Answer - Noel sings on one song, he's only doing harmonies. It's great. We met a couple of times, he asked me to play guitar on his solo record. I played on one track, so he repeated the favour. I'm very honoured.

And if you wondered what Liam was up to, he's in a new band called Beady Eye....

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