January 7, 2010

Swollen Hand Blues Lyrics Oasis

Swollen Hand Blues Lyrics Oasis

Swollen Hand Blues was a b-side to the very final Oasis single, Falling Down. Recorded at Abby Road studies, Falling Down reached number 10 on the singles chart. As usual, Noel Gallagher is chanelling The Beatles but referring to the Rolling Stones. The b-side was notable that it was the only song that was not a remix b-side that were included with the 3 singles from Dig Out Your Soul.

An excerpt of the b-side song "Those Swollen Hand Blues" appears at the end of "Mucky Fingers", second track of Oasis' 2005 album Don't Believe the Truth.

Swollen Hand Blues Lyrics by Noel Gallagher

I can’t see the wood for the trees
Life is like a rollercoaster
I can’t find the birds or the bees
Hope they’re down the back of my sofa

Feeling like a rolling stone
Playing the guitar on my own
I’m the apple of my eye
If only I could keep myself sober I’d remind myself why

They stare at me wherever I go (there he is!!)
Why won’t everybody give over?
I wish I’d learnt to play piano
If only I could keep myself sober for more than a day

Here's The Swollen Hand Blues guitar chords.

Listen to Swollen Hand Blues with this Youtube video:

Check out the lyrics to Falling Down here and the chords here.

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