February 10, 2009

How many number ones have Oasis had?

How many number one singles have Oasis had? How about 8 UK number ones?

Oasis Number Ones:

The Importance Of Being Idle 2005
Lyla 2005
The Hindu Times 2002
Go Let It Out 2000
All Around The World 1998
D'You Know What I Mean 1997
Don't Look Back In Anger 1996
Some Might Say 1995

All these Oasis number ones were written by Noel Gallagher.

How many number ones did Blur get? Oh that's right. Two.

Interestingly enough, Dig Out Your Soul did not have any number ones off it!

For a full list of Oasis singles and their UK chart playing, check out Oasis Official Site


Blur Set List Hyde Park said...

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Anonymous said...

There's 8 on that list mate

James Ryan said...

So there is...

James Ryan said...

So there is...

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