November 5, 2008

Oasis Glasgow Concert Set List

Oasis Concert Set List Glasgow, Scotland November 2008

10 years ago, at the height of their WTSMG fame, Oasis nearly caused a riot when they walked off stage at Glasgow's SECC after someone threw a vodka bottle at the band. Shessh, everyone knows they only drank copious amounts of lager then....

Not this time as Oasis finished this set:

Forking In The Bushes/Rock N Roll Star/Lyla/The Shock Of The Lightning/Cigarettes And Alcohol/Meaning Of Soul/To Be Where There's Life/Waiting For The Rapture/The Masterplan/Songbird/Slide Away/Morning Glory/Ain't Got Nothing/The Importance Of Being Idle/I'm Outta Time/Wonderwall/Supersonic/Don't Look Back In Anger/Falling Down Oais

Oasis Encore: Champagne Supernova/I Am The Walrus

Sauce: The Spaghetti Incident?

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